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Jing tea Shop Wu Yi oolong teaJing tea Shop Wu Yi oolong tea

Tea Selection

White tea from Jing Tea Shop
White TeaClosest to the leaf
Yellow tea from Jing Shop
Yellow TeaOne of the rarest tea
Green tea from Jing Tea Shop
Green TeaMost represented tea type worldwide
Oolong tea from Jing Tea Shop
Oolong TeaWidest array of aroma
Red tea from Jing Tea Shop
Red TeaOne of the first tea to be exported
Puerh tea from Jing Tea Shop
Puerh TeaAge it like a fine wine!
Black tea from Jing Tea Shop
Black TeaFully fermented tea
Scented tea from Jing Tea Shop
Scented TeaNaturally scented leaves
Yixing teapots from Jing Tea ShopChaozhou teapots from Jing Tea Shop


Browse our teapot selection and start sipping a perfectly brewed cup of tea!
Glass teapots from Jing Tea ShopPorcelain teapots from Jing Tea Shop


Find everything you need to brew, serve, drink, and enjoy tea. Choose between our stunning handmade and handpainted Jing De Zhen porcelains or sturdy Chaozhou wares and visit our accessories section to find everything you need to create the perfect setup to enjoy your teas.
Gaiwans from Jing Tea Shop
GaiwanA traditional way to brew or taste tea
Teacups from Jing Tea Shop
TeacupsExquisite handmade and handpainted teacups
Pitchers from Jing Tea Shop
PitchersShare your tea in style with our porcelain, glass or clay pitchers
Accessories from Jing Tea Shop
AccessoriesEverything to enhance your tea experience


Tea types

White tea
Yellow tea
Green tea
Oolong tea
Red tea
Black tea
Puerh tea

Famous teas

Bai Hao Yin Zhen
Da Hong Pao
Lapsang souchong
Long Jing
Milan dancong
Tie Guan Yin
Song Zhong Dancong
Tie Luo Han


Yixing teapots
Chao Zhou teapots
Porcelain teapots
Glass teapots


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