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Li Xing Hu

Li Xing Hu - 140ml

Li Xing Hu
Li Xing Hu
Li Xing Hu



Everybody loves a pear shaped teapot. The only problem is that this shape made out of good quality clay and well made is very hard to come by. So when a Yixing enthusiast sees a piece like this one which is well made and with great quality clay, there will not be any hesitation.

Great quality Zi Ni, well fermented, with a lovely texture, wide mouth and body. This is a Yixing teapot that can brew a great deal of tea types. A very versitile teapot and an absolute stunner!


Type of Zi Sha: Pin Zi Ni
Zi Sha period: early 2000's
Volume: 140ml
Screen: 1 Hole screen
Tea pairing: puerh tea, cooked puerh tea, black tea, Wuyi oolong tea, Anxi oolong tea, white tea

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