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Porcelain teapot - Cicada

Jing De Zhen - Cicada

Porcelain teapot - Cicada
Porcelain teapot - Cicada



Origine: Jiang Xi province, Jing De Zhen
Technique: Feng Cai (hand-painted!)

This stunning porcelain teapot is a model of what Chinese tea art is all about. Made of high-quality material from the porcelain world capital, Jing de Zhen, the teapot showcases amazing hand-painted details representing the Cicada theme.

Without any doubt, this porcelain teapot belongs to the category of pieces that will become collectibles in a near future. Fewer people are making of the porcelain art their career. And as such, good pieces are getting rarer. Collectors in search of an heirloom piece or just a great example of Feng Cai technique, this is a piece for you and we only have one!

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