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Dancong oolong tea - Milan AAA
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Mi Lan Dancong AAA

Dancong oolong tea - Milan AAA
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One of my favorites by Andrew from Distrito Federal Mexico
21 Mar 2013
This is an excellent and complex tea with a robust sweet flavor and nose. It is good for many steeps, and the flavor stays strong throughout.

Perfect Dancong by Elliot 22 Dec 2008
To me, this is a perfect example of traditional Fenghuang Dancong tea. The flavors have been covered very well by the other reviewers, but I'd add that the brewing durability of these leaves is incredible--I've steeped this pot almost 15 times as low as 10 seconds and as high as 6 minutes, and it's still producing good-tasting tea without overpowering astringency or insipidity. I'll also add that the hui gan (returning aftertaste) is also really pleasant and long-lasting. The quality of this sample may change my mind and make me want this tea more often. There are more exotic flavors of Dancong available here, but for that traditional fruity oolong taste, this one is close to flawless and a great value as well.

Incredible flavor of tropical fruits by John 05 Jun 2008
This is quite an amazing tea. I didn't pick up much scent from the dried leaves, but from the first quick rinse the air fills with the sweet scent of tropical fruits. In the aroma and taste of this tea I found the litchi/rambutan many other reviews mentioned, but also notes of mango, guava and peach. It really is an amazing tea with a lovely natural sweetness and a long finish. This one will be a staple in my tea cabinet, for as long as Jing Tea Shop makes it available to us!

Very nice, fuity Dancong by Jake 29 Mar 2008
I got this as a sample with my last order. The lychee flavor is really the forefront of this tea, with orchid, grass and coconut notes in further infusions. I have never had anything like it without artificial flavoring. Truly unique and enjoyable.

I'm in love! by Aar Lott 27 Nov 2007
This tea is the best tea I have ever tasted. It is extremely tasteful, yet subtle, and the taste just lasts forever. I even get some taste from it right now when I'm thinking about it. I will order this tea later, definitely!

The only downside is that my girlfriend didn't like it, so maybe I need a new girlfriend...

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