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Premium Lapsang Souchong

Red tea - Premium Lapsang Souchong
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This classical red tea has been the West's favorite for more than a century. Naturally smoked!

Origine: Wu Yi Shan, Fu Jian province
Harvesting area: Xing Cun
Harvesting: ~600 meters above sea level
Plantation altitude: Spring 2014
Tea varietal: Xiao Zhong

Traditionally knowned as Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong red tea, this high end Lapsang Souchong hails from the original birthplace of this red tea type. It was processed using the traditional smoking method which gives the tea its typical smoky flavor.

Eye: Deep red hue
Nose: Smoky, fruity
Mouth: Good tea taste, sweet, nice level smokiness, dry red fruit
Yixing pairing: Well raised Xiao Hong Ni
Water temperature: 100c
Storage: Drink now and over the next 20 years
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Premium Lapsang Souchong, 17 Jan 2016
by Knut Jacobsen from Oslo Norway

It's getting harder and harder to find a decent lapsang souchong these days. A lot of very reasonable offerings are on the market, but from my experience most of them are overly-smoked and uninteresting. I'm a big fan of smoke in general (Islay whisky, Xiaguan puer, you name it), but most lapsang souchong's just come off as unbalanced/harsh, thin and based on very bad tea material.

Not so with this one. It's the best I've been able to find so far, and while it's more expensive than other lapsang's I've tried, the quality more than makes up for the price tag. It has a wonderful balance between smoke and sweetness, a full body, and a good endurance. Provided one is not too greedy with the amount of leaves used, it can easily deliver 4-5 very solid steeps, much more than any other lapsang souching I have tried (where brewing gongfu-style immediately reveals all the weaknesses of the tea material). Highly recommended!


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