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PS - Ao Wen Bei set

Ao Wen Bei set

PS - Ao Wen Bei set
PS - Ao Wen Bei set
PS - Ao Wen Bei set



A stunning set of 2 tea cups from the world capital of porcelain! Depicting intricate flowery patterns, these tea cups are entirely hand made, hand carved, and hand painted. A testament to Chinese artisans' skills.

This type of hand made tea ware is getting rare. Less people are attracted to this type of art but it only adds to the collectible potential of these beauties. A must have for porcelain tea ware lovers and a definite heirloom item!


The photo on this page represent a set that is unique. Due to the process of fabrication, each set is made of two unique cups.


Volume: 60ml
Height: 4.8cm
Technique: Zhong Gong Fu Se Pa Duan (translate as "long work, high skills")
Style: Qing Dynasty
Provenance: Jing De Zhen

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