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White tea - Owner's pick BHYZ

Owner's pick - Yin Zhen

White tea - Owner's pick BHYZ



Entirely hand-made and sun dried white tea made using Fu Ding Da Bai Hao tips. This first batch from our supplier is a beautiful example of traditional Fu Ding white tea. Even leaves, very tender. Delivering a full-bodied tea liquor with a lovely sweetness and a quite aromatic profile. Beautiful after taste. These will age .


Net weight: 50gr
Origine: Fu Jian province
Harvesting area: Fu Ding
Harvesting: Spring 2018 (Ming Qian)
Tea varietal: Fu Ding Da Bai Hao
Testing: EU Standards MRL

Yixing: Ben Sha Lu, Pin Zi Ni, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 85c
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry.
Food pairing: Steamed fresh water fish

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