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1994 Feng Huang Tuo Cha

Cooked pu erh - 1994 Feng Huang

1994 Feng Huang Tuo Cha



Nan Jian Tea Factory has always attracted puerh collectors. While they purchase puerh tea to age and sale later, collectors are also drinkers and they always keep an eye on products coming out from reputable factory such has this 100gr Feng Huang tuo cha. This is how we got this tuo cha.

8 years ago, after tasting it with a friend collector, we acquired a few pieces that we stored to wait for the tea to reach full maturity. 23 years later, the tea is ready and we are releasing it on a first arrive, first served base.

Tasting notes

After more than two decades of top notch storage, the tea has no fermentation trace in the liquor and it produces a soft, mellow, and full-bodied brew. Aromas gravitate around wood and leather, they are complemented by a medium sweetness that persist in the aftertaste.

We suggest to use a Zi Ni, Duan Ni, or Lu Ni Yixing teapot for brewing and a water temperature around 90 to 95c but do use 100c water for the rinse. This will help the leaves to open up.

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