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Dancong oolong tea - Milan AAA

Mi Lan Dancong AAA

Dancong oolong tea - Milan AAA



High altitude Milan dancong from Wu Dong mountain. Strong fruity flavors with more depth and layers. Small and even leaves, nice clarity. Honey, flowery, light toasting. Thick and rounded body, deep, honey, flowery with fruity layers, very nice length


Origine: Guang Dong Province
Harvesting area: Zhong Xin Nin, Wu Dong Shan
Harvesting: Spring 2018
Plantation altitude: 800 ~ 1200 meters above sea level


Yixing pairing: Pin Zi Ni, Chao Zhou teapot, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 90C
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry

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