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Yixing teapots

Originating from Yi Xing in Jiang Su Province. And, with an history of over five centuries, Yixing teapots are great tea brewing ware as well as piece of art for some.
Made of Zi Sha (purple sand), it is divided into five types: yellow (Huang Ni), green (Lu Ni), purple (Zi Ni), red (Hong Ni), and black (Hei Ni).
With a vast variety of Zi Sha, forms, and style.There is a Yixing teapot for every tea drinker!

Yixing teapot - San Zu Hu
San Zu Hu - 190ml
Qian Ni technique on an alluring three feet Yixing teapot. A classic pot for puerh or Wu Yi oolong. ...

Jing Tea Shop - Hu Bian Gao Fang Hu
Hu Bian Gao Fang - 160ml
Tall body, fast pouring, tender Zi Ni make of this Yixing a perfect match for pu erh or white tea ...

Jing Tea Shop - Jiu Tan Hu
Jiu Tan Hu - 240ml
A tall Yixing teapot made with a good quality and tender Pin Zi Ni. A great Yixing for puerh tea ...

Yixing teapot - Gu Xing Fang Gu
Gu Xing Fang Gu - 290ml
A tall Duan Ni Yixing which will be a great companion for pu erh tea, white tea or aged white tea. ...

Yixing teapot - Nan Gua Hu
Nan Gua Hu - 150ml
A lovely little Yixing teapot depicting the pumpkin theme. A good quality clay to pair with Wu Yi ...

Jing Tea Shop - Gao Jing Lan
Gao Jing Lan - 180ml
Floral and traditional characters on a Yixing teapot that will be perfect to brew aged pu erh tea or...

Jing Tea Shop - Qian Ni Shi Piao
Qian Ni Shi Piao - 150ml
A rare and collectible Yixing using the Qing Ni technique which consist of embedded flakes of differ...

Yixing teapot - Bian Jiu Tan
Bian Jiu Tan - 200ml
A fast pourer and very practical teapot that will perform well with raw pu erh tea or Wu Yi oolong. ...

Yixing teapot - Kuo Kou Hu
Kuo Kou Hu - 100ml
It is difficult to find a more practical Xiao Pin. The wide mouth and body will fit any tea type ...

Yixing teapot - Shi Piao
Shi Piao - 65ml
A Well-balanced Shi Piao with wide mouth and body that will work with aged puerh or green teas. ...

Yixing teapot - Si Ting Long Dan
Si Ting Long Dan - 100ml
Elegant carvings on a perfectly oval shaped body that call for fisted oolongs or aged pu erh. S...

Yixing teapot - Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu
Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu - 50ml
A trully little Xiao Pin that will work with small leaves tea such as aged raw tuo cha puerh tea. ...

Yixing teapot - You Mian Shui Ping Hu
You Mian Shui Ping Hu - 158ml
Qian Ni technique on an alluring three feet Yixing teapot. A classic pot for puerh or Wu Yi oolong. ...

yixing teapot - Zhu Duan
Zhu Duan - 120ml
An elegant and wide Xiao Pin depicting the traditional bamboo theme, one of Chinese's favorite. ...

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