Jing Tea Shop Private Sales

How does it work?

Register to our Newletter and receive propositions for limited quantity of rare teas, Jing De Zhen porcelain, or Yixing and Chao Zhou tea ware that would otherwise be sold in China.


No spam! Just relevant offers for the tea lovers. We create a Private Sales, you get a link by email. It's that simple!

Your advantage

Access to collectible pieces! We will not say it enough, raw material and capable hands are getting rare thus prices constantly increasing year after years. Pieces that are proposed in Jing Tea Shop Private Sales mainly aims to be "collectible tools" that can be use to brew tea but which value will certainly go higher in time.

How do we do it?

Asides from the fact that being located right in the heart of the biggest tea market in China. We have been very lucky in being constantly in touch with various artists and collectors for more than a decade, and that is this network that we are bringing to you.

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