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It all started in 2012 with the opening of a pristine land located right on the ouskirts of the protected Wu Yi area. Today, a great terroir and responsible farming methods allow our Wu Yi project to propose a wide array of tasty and EU-compliants Wu Yi oolong teas.

Wu Yi Oolong Tea
Wu Yi Oolong Tea

Wu Yi Oolong tea -  Jin Guan Yin
Jin Guan Yin
This new varietal is a craft of Huan Jin Gui and Tie Guan Yin and offers high fragrance with le...

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Shui Jin Gui
Shui Jin Gui
One of the fourth Si Da Ming Cong. Shui Jin Gui is a oolong on the spicy side with a rich folklore. ...

Wu Yi oolong tea - Qi Lan
Qi Lan
With its bold flavors, the Wu Yi Qi Lan tea is a must for morning tea or afternoon tea. ...

Wu yi Oolong tea - Huang Guan Yin
Huang Guan Yin
A fairly new varietal that delivers loads of aromas and that is quickly accessible due to medium roa...

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Tie Luo Han
Tie Luo Han
Belonging to the Si Da Ming Cong. Tie Luo offers strong tea taste and delicate flowery notes. Si Da ...

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Da Hong Pao A
Da Hong Pao A
A classic tea for oolong tea lovers and certainly the most famous of the Wu Yi Si Da Ming Cong. ...

Oolong tea Traditional Wu Yi Shui Xian
Traditional Wu Yi Shui Xian
INFORMATION Origine: Fu Jian Province Harvesting area: Inner Wu Yi Harvestin...

Oolong tea - Lao Cong Shui Xian
Lao Cong Shui Xian
Hailing from inner Wu Yi, a lot of shui Xian harvested from 50 and 60 years old tea trees. ...

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Huang Mei Gui
Huang Mei Gui
This Wu Yi oolong name literraly means "Yellow Rose" and its floral character is a real delight. ...

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Da Hong Pao AA
JTS Da Hong Pao AA
INFORMATIONOrigine: Fu Jian ProvinceHarvesting area: Wu Yi ShanPlantation altitude: ~ 600 meters a...

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