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Welcome to our Pu erh tea section!

Pu erh tea can be classified as a green tea in its raw version but also as a black tea when cooked or fully fermented. The thing that makes this tea special is that good quality pu erh tea products can be aged and the aromatic qualities will develop, improve, and so will the financial value.

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Jing tea shop - raw pu erh teaJing tea shop - cooked pu erh tea

Cooked pu erh tea - 1999 7581 CNNP brick
Cooked puerh - Aged 7581
One of the very few cooked puerh tea that has the potential to be on puerh collectors' tea list ...

Raw puerh - Ba Da Zhuang Cha
Raw puerh - Aged Ba Da brick
Aged puerh lovers will store 10 more years this well balanced 100% Ba Da Mountain raw puerh tea ...

Cooked puerh - 98 CNNP cooked
Cooked puerh - 1998 grade 7
Sweet and mellow tea liquor with a quite nutty taste for this ready to drink late 90's puerh tea. ...

Raw puerh tea - 2006 Xia Guan Yu Shang Gong Tuo
Raw puerh - Xia Guan Yu Shang Gong Tuo
Already mellow, this tuo cha from the classic Xia Guan Factory showcases a very promising future ...

Pu erh tea -  2000 raw Fu Hai brick
Raw puerh - 2000 Fu Hai brick
All the typicity of Meng Hai tea packed in a traditional puerh. A must have for raw puerh drinker. ...

Raw puerh - 2006 Nan Qiao
Raw puerh - 2006 Jia Ji Yin Cha
A good traditional raw pu erh for those who seek an affordable tea to age or to enjoy right away. ...

Puerh tea - 2004 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Beeng
Raw puerh - 2004 Lao Tong Zhi
A traditional raw pu erh tea from the now well-established tea factory Haiwan. Lovely potential! ...

Raw pu erh - 2004 Xia Guan Fang Zhuan
Raw puerh - 2004 Xia Guan Fang Zhuan
First production for this pu erh fang zhuan from Xia Guan Tea Factory and still the best to this day...

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